Velodysee – cycling Roscoff to Hendaye or Bilbao

Shortly, tomorrow in fact (give or take an hour or two), I will be embarking on a little adventure!  I have recently taken up spinning along on my bike around the Vale of Pewsey – a most beautiful place to cycle past the White Horses, canals and rolling hills, we’re very lucky where we live.  Some time ago I decided that I would take a month or two off work and go travelling.  Firstly, cycling down the west coast of France from Roscoff to Hendaye (on the border with Spain).  The route is part of Eurovelo 1 and is called the Velodysee.   I will then cycle on to Bilbao, or Santander, depending on how the legs are, and get a boat of some description back up through the Bay of Biscay.  Phase 2 of my little adventure will be in Malawi.  I have just picked up my visa, nearly had all of my injections and am due to fly out in October, just in time for mango season!  This blog is for friends and family who might be wondering what on earth I am up to and whether or not my tent is staying up.

The cover photo is of Hamish – my bike – in front of the Alton Barnes White Horse.  Hamish, so named because of his horns which I feel make him similar in shape to a Highland Cow and therefore Scottish!  My previous bike, Squeaky, is slightly past his prime, a little jealous and now in the cupboard under the stairs.  We did have some good times though.  Before I head off I must thank many people who have helped me to the start of my adventure – my cycle guru Chris White, my dear friend Mark Gateshill (he has lycra, orange socks and one of those funny helmets that make you go faster!) and also my friend Nick at Pewsey Velo Bike Shop.  It really is the best bike shop in all of Wiltshire, perhaps the whole of the UK!  Nick helped me even when Squeaky was on his last legs (wheels), helped me pick a new bike, get all the gear sorted and put up with me bouncing in unannounced with endless queries about everything! Thanks too to Jo Cooke for the flapjacks and sneaky G and T as I cycle past sometimes and to my sister, Sharon, who’s incredible running efforts are a constant inspiration! Ta muchly everyone x

Still lots to organise so better hit the sack, x

PS – if you’re wondering about the name – I got into cycling whilst also raising awareness about the plight of the Pangolin.  Endangered species, poached for their scales and meat.  Look them up – fascinating creatures.  Also, my sisters running buddies all have nicknames – hers is tortoise so I picked Pangolin 🙂


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