THE JOURNEY TO ROSCOFF – The friends you make!

Sitting in my house getting ready for the off.  Having never been on the train with my bike before, this is all a new experience for me! I wonder how easy it will be getting on and off?  Managed to squeeze in all of my energy, snack bars into my panniers plus coffee, porridge and pasta too.  Might regret that later but we’ll see!

Feeling apprehensive but excited too about what the next few weeks will have in store for me.  I have never done a solo trip on bike and camping before so it’s a first.  I read the book WILD recently about Cheryl Strayed (great name) and her walking the Pacific Coast trail on her own…amazing.  My own little attempt at a solo trip will be an experiment to see how it is and what I learn from it.  Hopefully I will return a better cyclist and more able tent-putter-upper!

I take the bike for a quick spin rather than sit nervously and wait for train.  Just around the block to see how it feels fully loaded.  Not too bad, rolls along really well even if I can’t actually lift it!


Met some lovely chaps at the train station, brothers Mark and Chris from America, who were luckily going to the ferry port too.  I asked if I could follow them down which I did, round a massive roundabout, I would most certainly have been a little lost if I hadn’t been following them.  It was all down hill so a good start I thought!

As all the cyclists have to wait in the same area to board the ferry it’s a good chance to chat to people and find out their stories and what they’re up too.  Along with Chris and Mark I met two French cyclists Pierre Ives and his partner Fabienne from Rezes (near Nantes) and also Pablo #ridefor science who would be a great friend to me in my first 2 days of travel.  We all had some beers and a drop of wine in the ferry bar (NB – if you want proper food from the restaurant then get in there early as Pablo and I missed it and ended up with salad – no carb loading for us!)  We then retreated to our benches which we would use as beds for the night, not the comfiest but ok.  We decided to meet up next morning and go for breakfast in Roscoff before beginning our journey….a real treat to meet with such lovely people on my first evening :-).




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