Extra: Journey home – La Rochelle to Roscoff/Plymouth

Getting the train from La Rochelle back to Roscoff wasn’t without it’s challenges but, when you do figure it out, it’s really quite straight forward.

My itinerary-

*Train from La Rochelle to Nantes – TGV

*Stay over in cheap hotel in Nantes (always check that they have somewhere secure to store bike)

*Train from Nantes to Rennes (TER) / Rennes to Morlaix (TER) / Morlaix to Roscoff (TER) (quick stop at cafe in Morlaix)

*Stay over in Roscoff at the Ibis there.

Tasty supper with my new friend Karen from Devon 🙂

*Ferry early on Sunday morning from Roscoff to Plymouth

*Last leg Train from Plymouth to Pewsey


Above: Train at La Rochelle then evening in Nantes

Below: Travel from Nantes to Roscoff with Karen.

Below: Back where it all began – in Roscoff!

Back in Plymouth – what a trip! Can’t wait for the second leg now……


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