NORTH COAST 500 – Day 3 Kinlochewe to Lael (Lochbroom)

Day 3 – Kinlochewe to Lael (not far from Ullapool)

Distance – 65 miles

Accommodation – BUNKHOUSE – Forest Way, 4 Lael, Lochbroom, IV23 2RS

Tel – 01854 655330 / 07912 177419

Cost £20 / fantastic bunkhouse / keen cyclist owns it and they fly the Flanders flag!

So…today was brutal! Beautiful but brutal.

Getting the kit up massive mountains is hard – who’d have thought it?  Had a great bit of banter with new friend Phil, John and Ian who made sure I got to the final stop.

Drag up after Poolewe is tough, 20% (beware brave cycle tourists everywhere! ) It is doable – since I miraculously managed – just pace yourself really well!
Nearly lost the plot towards summit before Braemore junction (had a mini panic attack – not pleasant) but managed to pull myself together. Wasn’t funny for 10 minutes or so but it was never going to be easy…which I had perhaps forgotten!

Lovely chaps cheered me into the pitstop where we got tea and I had a great chat with girl there who kindly made me a veggie burger.


Great bunkhouse here – Forest way. Knackered and needed to eat without delay when I arrived. Less miles tomorrow but a few more hills on the cards!

Today’s stats:
65 miles
1300m climbing
Potential saddle sores 3
Sunburnt legs 1 (weird!)
Keep on spinning everyone xx

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