North Coast 500 – Day 4 Lael (nr Ullapool) to Clachtoll

To Clachtoll campsite – really good (and they stayed open for me when I was a bit delayed too!)

ELPHIN TEAROOM – Go there – lovely people and tasty cakes and coffee 🙂

The day i broke the chain!
Well….today was pretty eventful!
Left Forest way – great bunkhouse!
Brekkie at Ullapool outdoor shop  – well worth a visit.  I collected an extra small gas cannister, 2 pastries, some bread and a coffee.

Day 4 Elphin (1a)
Lots of gradual ascents and beautiful views all the way up to Elphin Tea Room where I was greeted by Merlin the tea shop dog!

Such a great place – everyone go there.  Sat here for a long time as was feeling a little under the weather.  Was feeling cold and tired but continued on after my second pot of tea.
Got to the main junction around 3km along when my chain broke.  Having forgotten that I had chatted about which chaintool to buy at great length with James from #pewseyvelo, I hailed down van driver and his son hoping they might be able to help. They were avid cyclists – result!
We headed back towards Ullapool with my bike in the back (via Elphin to see if they had a tool but sadly they didn’t).
Halfway back I suddenly remembered I DID buy a new chain tool (numpty!) which we them used to fix chain. 

So, off I went again, cycled straight back to Elphin tea room (up massive climb again).
Had peppermint tea then continued on to Lochinver – absolutely stunning scenery!
Later I ate my tea at a pub with new cycle friends I had bumped into earlier at Elphin then I needed to continue to campsite at Clachtoll (more big hills) and got there before 8:30pm.  A late finish but a successful day all things considered.

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