North Coast 500 – Day 5 – Clachtoll to Durness

Warning – picture you may find disturbing!
Day 5 – 57 miles / 1700 m of climbing today.

Accommodation tonight – Mackays Bunkhouse – really good.  Shared with Mark and Stanley (top chaps)
Today I learned – Cycling is fun / pushing bike and gear uphill is not fun!

Pretty good day today considering I awoke feeling a bit like I had done 2 rounds in the boxing ring! It’s really chilly sleeping in a tent in Scotland in May and I felt like I had it pretty well sorted out last night – not as cold as usual – but woke up feeling grotty! Hence the state of my face.

The first 20 miles was solid hills (loads of >12%). I have discovered it is virtually impossible for me to cycle with this weight anything over 12% so spent the first 2 hours on and off the bike pushing it up then jumping on and cycling when I could.

The emergency flapjack from #pewseyvelo was consumed since I felt like s**t (there were a few expletives this morning!) Eventually got to Kylesku where I found the hotel and ate 2 egg butties and tea. Was so pleased it was open since I had only had a Danish pastry for brekkie (couldn’t face making the porridge – error)! 

Anyway – after that I got going and felt loads better. Got to a wee place called Scourie for lunch…really good. Then carried on. More pretty steep climbs for quite a while followed by an absolutely awesome descent for 9 miles! Couldn’t believe my luck – was soaring along all the way to Durness. Having spent most of the day in the clouds and mist! I quite like clouds and mist though….and it meant my sunburn didn’t get any worse!


Chain held up fine today. Just being super careful changing gear 🙂. Saw Suilven and many other stunning mountains (all of which I seem to have forgotten the name of sadly) Caught up with pals from 2 days ago and had supper at Sango Sands, was pretty good.

Bunkhouse tonight called Mackays which is nice too. Big miles and hills tomorrow to Thurso x

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