NORTH COAST 500 – Day 8 (last day!) – Helmsdale to Inverness Castle

Day 8 – Helmsdale to Inverness! / 70 miles
Weather – dreich.
Total elevation for whole trip – over 27,000ft apparently!
Took the A9 all the way down from Helmsdale to Tore then left/right onto cycle route 1 at the roundabout. You can take right turn earlier (Scotsburn) which would’ve been better but I missed it!

Made good time, only a couple of climbs and a fair tailwind for a good bit of it :-).  Riding a lot on the hard shoulder on this final day but the road was ok despite being quite busy.  I don’t know if it’s because the end was in sight but I felt really good and the legs kept rolling.

The Storehouse cafe just off the main road was a fantastic stop off point with a lovely loch to reflect on the trip before the final miles!

Over the bridge to Inverness and the castle….and the beer!

Thanks to Richie/Wes/Bruce/Duff/Ian/Phil/John for looking out for me on the road.
Susie and Catriona / Chris and Bob for amazing hospitality and Emily Carr-Martin and Clea too.
Sharon Hassan and Jeni Rees-Jenkins and Matt Rees-Jenkins for waiting at Sheildag to cheer me on and buy me cake.
The guys at #pewseyvelo for their help in my chaotic preparations! 😎
All of the #teampewsey massive – looking forward to some spins on the road bike!
And to all the other lovely folks I met on the road!
I think it’s safe to say this has been a life enriching learning experience I shall never forget!
North Coast 500 – done xx

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