Who doesn’t love riding a bike?  I had forgotten until a couple of years ago when I decided to jump back on!

Currently trying to cycle the world in stages starting with Roscoff, France to Venice, Italy which I did in July 2017. Kenya to Cape Town in 2018 was just amazing!  Blog coming soon.

The plan was to get to Nepal, Oz and the US in 2019 but for various reasons I am now plotting to head off towards Kazakhstan, Mongolia, China 2020 then Canada / USA. Fingers crossed x

I am a violist and fiddle player, a teacher and also enjoy learning about biodiversity and all things environmental. I have aspirations to become a better bike mechanic too, work in progress!

Thanks to Pewsey Velo (best bike mechanic for miles around!) for inspiring my cycling and keeping me on the road come rain or shine. Also thanks to Chris White for his constant words of cycle support and helping me out immensely in the very early days of the great red Giant! And finally….many thanks to all of my friends and family who tell me when I’m being ridiculous and for putting up with me when I completely ignore them :-).

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