Scratchy scratchy – Race day 3 – still hilly!

When I saw the shingle and jagged slate sections I was considering just walking the whole way.  It then dawned on me that it would take me an eternity to get to the cakes at the castle at the bottom if I walked the whole way (and Keith would have eaten them all) so I jumped on my bike and engaged Freddie Fondriest’s inner gravel bike setting. 

Scratchy scratchy. My adventure on the Transatlantic Way Race 2018 – Pre race ramblings

Arriving at Trinity College next day (in time for breakfast) we hung out in Dublin, went to briefings and I met some of the other women riders, Laura, Meg, Phillipa, Rishi and later Jenny and Karen. All that was left to do was retire to my room to make final adjustments, fix the light I’d already managed to break, and try to sleep in the knowledge that I really had no idea what I was getting myself into.